Bristol Ramblers

Bristol Walks Programmes

We have regular walks of varying distance and difficulty on Saturday mornings, Sundays and Wednesdays. In the Spring and Summer we have shorter walks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Our walks on Wednesdays and Tuesday evenings are usually accessible by public transport.

Our led walks programme is published every four months, covering Feb - May, Jun - Sept, Oct - Jan. The programme is set out on the Bristol Group Walks page on this website, and you can download a copy from the Downloadable Programme page.

Non-members are most welcome to come on rambles, but after a few walks they will be invited to join the Ramblers. Please choose a walk to suit your ability, phone the leader to introduce yourself and to obtain the walk details. We have a membership of about 800 in Bristol, and over 2000 in the Avon area.

The grading system for walks is: 


  • C (Easy) - Walks on reasonably level ground and at an easy pace.
  • B (Moderate) - Walks which include some hills.
  • A (Strenuous) - Generally harder than B walks at a faster pace which may include harder hill climbs.
  • AHW (A Hill Walks) - Walks at a faster pace, 4000ft  or more of ascent, sometimes on rougher/wilder terrain. Less likely to have a pub stop.
  • BHW (B Hill Walks) - generally more strenuous than a B walk with elevation tackled at a slower pace than A hill walks.
  • SB (Moderate) – Shorter B walks

    SC (Easy) - Shorter C walks

  • Evening Walks - Normally 4/6 miles in length. Some in the city and some outside Bristol. Longer walks marked (A) are faster.  

There is considerable variation in walk difficulty within the grades, particularly in A & B. If you are in any doubt and/or would like to try a different grade, please contact the walk leader to discuss.

Meeting Place for Sunday Walks -Unless otherwise stated, the A and AHW walks meet at Priory Road, BS8 for lift sharing.  [However A walks on 27/01/19 meet at Clifton Water Tower.]  All other walks meet outside St George’s Hall on Gt. George St. (off Park St). Cars are shared to the start of the walk. For passengers a voluntary contribution of 10p/mile towards the cost of the petrol is suggested + a share of any car parking charges or bridge tolls.
Cars depart at the meeting time. Intending walkers should arrive at least 5 minutes beforehand to allow for car sharing to be organised.

Walkers travelling direct to the start should understand it may not be possible to advise them in the unlikely event that a walk is cancelled.

First Aid Kit - In your own interest, it is recommended you carry a personal first aid kit  e.g. sterile dressings (large/small & eye pad), plasters, blister kit, wound cleansing wipes, triangular bandage, 4" crepe bandage, safety pins, painkillers. A group kit is not carried due to lack of knowledge of specific individual needs.

It is also suggested you carry a whistle and, especially in winter, a torch.

Clothing & Food - Please make sure you have appropriate footwear and waterproof clothing. If you are in any doubt contact the walk leader or a committee member. Denim jeans are not advised. Please bring food & drink (recommended one litre of fluid on a full day walk, and more in hot weather or on longer walks). Day walks will usually include: a morning coffee stop, a lunchtime stop (sometimes, but not always, in the vicinity of a pub. Please do not consume your sandwiches, etc. on pub premises) and an afternoon tea stop.

We follow the Countryside Code and leave no litter - everything, including all food waste (e.g. fruit peel) should be taken home.

Dogs - Contact the walk leader in advance re: suitability. Remember that sheep & cattle can be agitated by dogs. 

Other led walks

Other Groups in the Avon Area arrange programmes of walks. Details of those which are on line can be seen at the Avon Area Walks page of this website.

There is also a programme of Wessex Wanderer Walks which start from and finish at railway stations. Walks that are local to Bristol are included in the Bristol Group walks programme. 

National Walks Finder

Every week, Ramblers volunteers organise hundreds of group walks all over Great Britain. Details of walks can be found on the national Ramblers website. See National Walks Finder. It is possible to search to find walks by place, date, day of the week, distance and grade of difficulty.






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